Unique opportunities for hunting and fishing

with Senja Camping as the perfect starting point

Fishing on Senja

Senja Camping is situated by Trollbu lake which belongs to the Lakselv river system. The river system has very good possibilities for fishing after salmon, sea trout and arctic char. This means that if you wish to fish in Lakselva, Senja Camping is a perfect starting point.

Lakselva, or Laukhelle Lakselv, ends on the inner side of Senja, but has it sources on the west side of the island, in the Svan- and Kaper-mountains. The total catch has been between 2 and 3.3 tons the last years.

Most of the fish is catched between mid-July and mid-August. That's when the sea trout is in the river system, and there is loads of fish in the whole system. If catching the big salmon fails, a good tip is fishing for the sea trout and the sea char on the lakes.

The Trollbu lake is on of the best lakes in the river system.

Fishinglicense is to be bought on www.scanatura.no River: Lakselva/Laukhellavassdraget

More information about Lakselva is available at Lakselva's own website (Norwegian only).

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Hunting on Senja

Close to Senja Camping you find popular hunting areas where you can hunt grouse. Popular areas are Svandalen, Ånderdalen, and Kaperdalen. All these areas are in short distance from Senja Camping.

If you have any questions about the fishing and hunting possibilites on Senja, please contact us.

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Senja Camping

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